Picnic Basket Share + Tutorial

I was inspired by the beauty of the Simple Stories Bunnies + Blooms collection to create something that screams Spring. So, I decided to make a picnic basket that can be used to house happy mail.

The basket allows for items to have between 6" -8" max length, 4" width and 3" height. The lid is adhered in the center and flips up on both sides. The handles move as well. I chose to stitch my project to add more yellow to the page and add more texture.

The instructions are detailed below as well as in the accompanying video. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Supplies Needed:

1- 12 x 12 Page

2- 1 x 12 Strips of Paper

1- 4 x 10 Rectangle of Patterned Paper

2- 1 x 2 Pieces of Paper

2- Brads

Hole Punch

For the Basket Lid:

Score the 4 x 10 rectangle at 1”, 5”, and 9”.

You should be left with one each flaps on both ends of the rectangle.

Score the 2 - 1 x 2 strips at 1”.

You will adhere these to centered on the middle score of the basket lid.

For the Basket:

Score the 12 x 12 page at 4” and 8”.

Rotate, then score at 3” and 9”.

On this same side, score at 1”, 2”, 10” and 11” UP TO the 4” inch score running perpendicular.

Place a short score at the 6” mark. This will be needed later.

Rotate to the other side that is already scored at 3”and 9”.

Again, score at 1”, 2”, 10” and 11” UP TO the 4” inch score running perpendicular, as well as 6”.

Rotate back to the sides scored at 4” and 8”.

Score at 1” in the center rectangle on both sides of the 12x12 page.

Forming the Basket:

In each corner, cut the 3 x 1 rectangles you scored up to the perpendicular score line.

Fold the 1” portion of the center rentable inward and adhere, making a note of the small score line you have made to pinpoint the middle of that section.

Fold each of the 3 x 1 pieces inward over the center rectangle forming a weaving pattern.

Do this to both sides, adhering as you go.

Once the basket is formed, punch holes in the center of each side, and attach the small side flaps of the lid.

Add the strip(s) to form the basket handle(s) using brads so they can move.

PLEASE see the video if you have any questions.

Products Used:

Bunnies + Blooms Collection:

ACOT: https://shrsl.com/2t4ie

SBC: https://shrsl.com/2t4is

Contact Tay on IG @cuttlemeclay to place a flower order.

Pick up bows and more from Lisa( @happycrafter ) on IG @happycraftershop

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