1 Sheet 12 x 12 Share + Tutorial

I love the challenge and ease of making a project using only one sheet of 12 x 12 paper. Minimal tools required and a pretty outcome are always welcomed in my world of crafting. So, with that in mind, I was able to create this cute backpack. This tutorial highlights the floral backpack, however, I also made an Easter themed one adorned with stitching.

The instructions are detailed below as well as in the accompanying video. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Supplies Needed:

1- Double- Sided 12 x 12 Page

Scoreboard + Scoring Tool


Wet Glue/Double Sided Tape

Hot Glue

Closure (I use either velcro or KAM snaps.)

Lets get started!

** Please note the orientation of your paper. These initial score lines will create the 3 main sections of the bag horizontally, so consider how you want the backpack to look left to right.

Score at 2 1/4", 7 1/4", and 9 1/4".

Continue scoring at 10 1/4, and 11 1/4". These will be used for the straps.

Cut along the 9 1/4" score line to remove the scored portions that will be used for the straps. Put the aside.

You should now be left with a 9 1/4" x 12" page. Rotate your page to score along the 12" side.

Score at 2 1/4", 5 3/4", 8" and 11 3/4". You will be left with a 1/2" section on the end.

Burnish your score lines and get ready to cut.

For the backpack:

Cut and remove the first 3 sections of the 2 1/4" x 12" portion of the page. Also remove the top
2 1/4" x 1/2" section. You should be left with
one 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" section at the top. This will be the top of your backpack.

In the middle section of the bag, miter the corners of the 1/2" section.

For the bottom section of the bag, cut each vertical score line NOT crossing the perpendicular score line. These are the flaps for the bottom of the backpack. Remove the 1/2" section on the end/far right. You do not need this.

For the straps:

Grab the 2 3/4" x 12" section that we scored and removed earlier. Cut along each score line. You should be left with two 1" strips and 1 - 3/4" strip. You will need the two 1" strips.

Fold those in half with the pattern you would like for the straps showing on the outside. You can also score them if you so choose.

Gauge about how long you would like your straps to be. Mine were about 7" each before adhering.

Forming the backpack:

** Add stitching to the paper adhering if you so choose. It may also be easier to add you KAM snap now if you choose to use that as your closure.

1 - Ensure that all folds are burnished. Add glue to the 1/2'" tab and fold the far left tab to meet that tab.

2 - Add glue to your bottom tabs, folding the smaller tabs in first to form the bottom of the bag.

3 - Add adhesive to the folded pieces that will become your straps. Once adhered, I used my find to give the straps a curve. Be careful not to tear your paper if you choose to use an object to do this.

Fold each strap inward about 1/4" each and adhere to the back of the backpack. If you would like your backpack to have a loop, use the scrap strip(s). Add the loop to the center on the back of the bag and then add your straps.

Your back pack is now complete. PLEASE see the video if you have any questions.

I would love to see your creations, so feel free to tag me on IG @PoliteCreations or YT so I can share your work!

Happy Crafting! - Natasha

Products Used:

MH Paper: http://shrsl.com/2wyfx | http://shrsl.com/2wyfz

Glue Gun: https://amzn.to/3dmPGiI

KAM Snaps Kit: https://amzn.to/3adRSHk

Velcro Dots: https://amzn.to/3agDOfZ